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 We want your time at our hotel to be as private and comfortable as possible. As VESTA HOTEL, we have prepared a wide range of catering and services that focus only on your comfort. You can see the activities we offer below. To cool off, you can swim in the pool or in our beach reserved for you. You can sip your coffee in the middle of the day. We will be pleased to host you in our restaurant with open buffet and a'la carte services.

 Besides you can reach directly to Side Ancient City by walking, so that you can discover beauty of Side, which is magnificently preserved ancient city.  The Ancient City was  founded in the 7th century BC but the walls and the gate of the city, the basilica, the trade agora, the agora bath which is currently used as Side Museum, the episcopacy palace, the triumphal arch, the Vespasian fountain, the Nymphaeum monumental fountain, ancient theater and temples of Apollo and Athens remains until today. With its 2700-year history, Side ancient city is offering a visual and cultural feast to all its visitors. We have free car park.

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